Hollywood Studios Update: Farewell Backlot Tour (PART 1)

Welcome to one of the largest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-updates ever posted on our site! Despite the fact that we have always complained about the fact that things have been too quiet in the past five years (at least!), we finally have a lot to talk about. Plenty of attractions have been confirmed to be closing soon, have already closed, or are rumored to be replaced by something new in the near future. That's what we love to hear! Let's take a look around:

The special "Frozen" banners can be seen everywhere, even at the entrance of other parks:

Entering the park:

The park now has a new booth were Guests can pick up their Olaf-shaped fan. This is a nice addition, not only because it is more visible to Guests, but also because it provides shade for Cast Members:

Hollywood Boulevard:

The hat:

Work on the new Starbucks location continues:

Hopefully the interior areas will maintain the same theming style seen on the exterior facade:

The temporary screen is still located next to the fountain:

The former Tip Board area received a new themed billboard. It looks nice:

The majestic facade of the Chinese Theater:

Still one of our favorite attractions:

The regular stand-by entrance is still not being used. It looks like they will never fix the issue:

It seems like new props were recently added along the queue area of The Great Movie Ride:

We are not completely sure, but some of these props looked unfamiliar to us:

Great things are coming...

The Animation Courtyard:


  1. What are the problems that won't be fixed with the GMR queue?

    I like the new bilboard a lot.

    Excited for what is to come! Also, I hear that something is happening in SS1.


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