Epcot Update: A Look Around Future World (PART 1)

Epcot is not looking very futuristic nowadays. Sadly, Walt Disney World's most advanced and amazing theme park is seemingly being neglected by management, having not received a brand-new attraction since 2005 (The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Test Track could be considered only overlays to existing attractions). That said, there are a few minor improvements and projects taking place around the park. Today we will focus solely on Future World. We hope you will enjoy the tour:

First of all, here's a look at the new Electric Vehicle Charging Station, located in the parking lot:

Entering the park:

The sign of the Camera Center (now sponsored by Nikon) was recently replaced:

We are not really fans of the new gray color of the columns and buildings behind Spaceship Earth:

Flower provide some color, at least:

Let's take a look inside INNOVENTIONS East. Who know what great discoveries we'll make!:

Oh, it looks like nothing changed...

At least, the former Rockin' Robots area now has plenty of chairs and tables:

The rest of Future World East:

Still blah:


  1. I can't get part 2 to view.

  2. First of all that is Future World/ Innoventions WEST! Secondly, not futuristic? I don't see many geo-spheres or any other FW pavilion shaped buildings anywhere else. What's blah about Imagination? It looks bright and shiny to me. The ride may be inferior to the original but it's still a fun ride. I could be wrong, but I thought that Project Tomorrow was always grey. Part 2 of your update won't work for me either, though if this tone continues I'm not sure I want to read it.

  3. I am also unable to go to part 2.
    Just takes me to main page.

  4. Good grief. They can't even make that former robot area a place to relax and perhaps charge your phones?

  5. I agree with anonymous #2. Sure, its not the same thing as it was years ago, and I think there are some problems, but it definitely is kept up and gets minor updates to keep it futuristic.

    Also, the link takes you back to the home page where you can there go to part 2.

  6. Innoventions East and West should both be replaced for new E ticket attractions.

  7. Why do people still bother going to Epcot. Sure it was my favourite park in the 80's but every change (Nemo, Immagination, Mission Space, Soarin, Ellen) where a downgrade until the point this park is a place that only makes me sad.


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