Animal Kingdom: New Amphitheaters Take Shape (PART 1)

Work on the new viewing areas for the new Rivers of Light nighttime spectacular has officially begun at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and it looks like they are definitely not fooling around with this particular project. In fact, in just a few weeks, one of the two massive amphitheaters facing the Discovery River has already started to take shape and a huge part of the lagoon itself is completely filled with long, black barriers. let's take a look around together:

First of all, work on the new Yeti parking lot continues slowly, very slowly:

This area is bigger than we thought:

The entrance of the park:

Walls still up around every corner of Discovery Island:

Expanding a shop:

Building a new coffee stand:

Refurbishing "It's Tough to be a Bug!":

Re-imagining some animal exhibits:

The newest animal exhibit to open at the park is still void of living creatures. They should come to their new home in the next few weeks, as they are still backstage at the moment:

The progress being done in the future AVATAR Land is still a mystery:

Work continues behind the scenes, away from curious eyes:

Entering Harambe:

Work on the new shopping district of the Harambe Village continues at a snail's pace:

The refurbishment, pressure washing, and repainting of the Tree of Life proceeds as well:

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