Animal Kingdom: New Amphitheaters Take Shape (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this exciting Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park photo-report! PART 1 of this update can be found by clicking here.
In the previous part, we took a look around the parking lot, the entrance area of the park, the Oasis, Discovery Island, Harambe Village and the surrounding area, and much more. We will now continue to take a look around the park to see what is new (especially near the Discovery River). Enjoy!:

Getting close to Asia, we noticed this:

Yes, work has definitely started on at least one of the two new amphitheaters:

As you can see, a massive amount of temporary walls can now be seen throughout Africa:

There are plenty of themed signs, tarps, and displays to see along this mile-long set of walls:

The nearby Expedition Everest:

More walls can be seen in a small section of DinoLand U.S.A.:

The theme of the walls changes once we get into the other area:

Time to get a better view of the amphitheater:

Notice these large columns:

An even better view of the area:

A few more themed walls seen while exiting the park:

And that is all for now. Thank you very much for visiting us, and see you again real soon!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.



  1. Thanks for the update. Good to see they are at least decorating the walls.

  2. they will most likely be using there new patient designed flying pixels for this show.... which is why they mentioned flying lanterns aka flying pixels .... they spent millions on them so there likely to appear in this show.... wihch it may premiere in the show which could also be a big plus for ak....

    in case some of y'all have not heard of them... there these mini drones that are mainly a multicolored pixel which create pixi dust like images in the sky....

    disney is also going to have some characters which will be pupated by drones... I'm hoping both meet and greet and flying tinkerbell and the sleeping beauty and blue fairy fairies will all be drone operated characters to make the magic more real.... i dont care what negative thing people may think...

  3. Good update.
    Just sooooo many walls.

  4. They might be hoping to use the drones for the show out there has still been no approval for them to use them in any manner. The FAA has to approve the use of any drones and so far they are not budging on allowing them for any commercial use period.


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