Universal Studios Update: A Busy Summer (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this Universal Studios Florida photo-report. PART 2 of this same update can be found by clicking on this link.
In PART 2, we checked out San Francisco, the London Embankment, World Expo, and Springfield. Now, let us continue to take a look around the remaining themed area of the park, Woody Woodpecker's KidZone, as we come to the conclusion of this latest photo-update. Enjoy!:

Since some rumors point to an imminent closure of the KidZone, here you are some photos of the area:

Time to leave:

Before we go, here's a look at the progress that has been done on the exterior of the Cowfish restaurant:

Our review of Vivo Italian Kitchen should be posted tomorrow or Tuesday. Stay tuned:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember to like us on our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the parks. Thank you very much for your support, and see you again real soon!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.



  1. Why is there never pictures of the Wizarding World areas? I would like a response.

  2. OTPN has stated in the past that WWOHP is not something that they support and want to promote on their site. Whether this is religious, personal taste, etc... is left somewhat a mystery. Fortunately there are other great sites with tons of updated photos of HP. OTPN is one of the best, consistently updated, photo report sites there is. Even with it's tiny flaw of not including HP. I hope this answer helps out Anonymous.

    Your Friend in Time,

  3. Thank you for your reply, Doc!

    @Anonymous: Yes, it is our personal choice not to advertise Harry Potter, even though we love all theme parks in the area and are glad to see the growth.

    We hope you will still visit us, as we try to do our best in reporting all that happens around the parks.

  4. They did a big update a couple of weeks ago so I doubt much has changed since then. The say could be said about The IOA bit of HP.


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