Be Our Guest Restaurant: Lunch Service Update

With more and more Guests participating in the direct-to-table test for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant (located in the heart of the New Fantasyland area at the Magic Kingdom Park), standby availability is extremely limited. Guests staying in one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels continue to be eligible to participate in the test during lunch; Guests not able to participate will be directed to other quick service restaurants, unless they get a return ticket for the restaurant. 

As a reminder, this test involves going online to choose an arrival window and, if desired, pre-ordering their meal. Prior to arrival, resort Guests with an email address associated to their reservation receive an email inviting them to participate in the test. 

All resort Guests are eligible, including those who do not receive the email invitation. Resort Guests can log in to the website ( using an existing My Disney Experience account, or they may create a new one. Once they log on, they will have the option of choosing a FastPass+ arrival window (subject to availability) as well as pre-ordering their meal. When these test participants arrive at Be Our Guest Restaurant wearing MagicBands, they confirm their order, pay for lunch and head to a table.

Therefore, if you would like to have lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant, you have the following options:

If you are a Walt Disney World Resort HOTEL GUEST:
  • Participate in the test by pre-ordering your meal online by visiting the website mentioned above and coming to the restaurant at the time you selected. This is the preferred choice, and works like a reservation;
  • Take a ticket with a return time (we suggest coming to the restaurant very early, as there is a very limited availability of standby tickets), then come back and order your meal at the restaurant.
If you are a Walt Disney World Resort DAY GUEST:
  • Take a ticket with a return time (again, we suggest coming to the restaurant very early, as there is a very limited availability of standby tickets), then come back and order your meal at the restaurant.
The dinner service has not been affected by this change, and will continue to take place regularly.
Thank you very much for your attention. Should you have any question on this subject, feel free to contact us or, even better, contact directly the Walt Disney World Resort by calling 407-WDW-DINE.


  1. Disney has created quite a "mess" if you will. Used to be a nice array of interesting, or fun, restaurants, with varied menus often closely linked to their respective lands or zones. Now we have "must do" experiences, where the food is largely the same, and way overpriced. But they've sold "immersion" and "experience" to such a high degree they've got the masses falling over themselves to book reservations months in advance to get into places like BOG to have a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Stopping by the Crystal Palace, or Tony's (years ago when it wasn't so Chef Boy'rdee) for bite to eat was just a fun, nice thing to do. Now we seldom bother with any park food beyond snacks, a quick bowl of soup if the line is short, a churo etc. Same for the other parks, I'm not picking on MK in particular. (Its easy to snack around Epcot, why bother to wait for months or hours to do a sit down -folks, its not that great).

    Anyway, Disney has quite a mess on its hands. Making lots of money, the places are packed, but increasingly people are not happy. They want the people to be happy, but the people keep paying to be miserable. Its not all Disney's fault - but they've brainwashed so many with mythical concepts of "immersion" and "experience" people are caught, and so is Disney.

  2. I agree with the previous poster. I'm unaware of any true quality dining at Magic Kingdom. If you've had the opportunity to visit Disneyland, you'll know that each food location could provide quality food, not just burgers and fries. Also, why can't you get bacon and eggs for breakfast in MK? You can only get a real breakfast if you go to Royal Table or Crystal Palace!

  3. How far in advance can you do this if you are staying on property? Is it the same window as selecting the other fastpass+ attractions?

  4. The Hollywood studios park quick service places are the worst I ever seen. I had 1 good quick service near the tower of terror but had to share it with the heat and love bugs all around.


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