Universal Studios Update: A Busy Summer (PART 1)

Universal Studios Florida and the other theme parks in the Central Florida continue to be very busy. That will not sound too unusual to many of our Readers, as the summer season is usually one of the busiest times of the year for tourism all over the world. That said, when the parks are so busy, there is usually less work going on (with the exception of major expansions that are currently taking place). Let's see what is happening around Universal Studios at this time:

As we reported on our previous update, new banners have been installed on the sides of the Universal Studios Store. It looks like they may be replaced based on the time of the year:



No work is yet visible in the area surrounding the Garden of Allah Villas:

Production Central:

Nothing to report from New York:

...except the opening of a new store. We will have a separate update for that:

Moving on:

We are still waiting for a major refurbishment of Revenge of the Mummy. It really needs it: