Rumors are Universal: King Kong Animatronic and More

Our great source of Universal Orlando rumors is back with a few more juicy details and even more confirmations of rumblings we have heard in the past few months. Even though these are just plain rumors (nothing that you will read in this post has been confirmed by the Universal Orlando Resort, and can therefore change at any time or could not happen at all), it is always fun thinking about the possible additions that we may see in the near future...

Here's the message we received from our friend just a couple of days ago:

Early [Sunday] morning, the A/V crew installed brand new flat-screen TV's in the Despicable Me queue line. Also last week, almost all of the 2nd story and above windows on the facades of New York and Hollywood areas of Universal Studios Florida were totally replaced. That's somewhat small news but I do have a juicy bit that you will enjoy.

Kong will definitely be returning to Universal Orlando in Islands of Adventure. The attraction will be a mixture of what is running in Hollywood (huge screens on each side of you) and animatronics. As far as the ride vehicles go I have no idea, but I know this is going to be a dark ride so luckily no trams. Universal's secret weapon is said to be a Kong animatronic that will run!

Sounds very, very interesting, doesn't it? There are currently very few Audio-Animatronics that can "run" (the only one we could come up with is the Carnotaurus at DINOSAUR, the dark ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park). If this rumors ends up being true, it looks like we are in for a very special treat.

As you well know, the Universal Parks are really fond of screens (just consider that 90% of the most recent rides are mostly screen-based rides), but they are also capable of creating incredible, life-like Audio-Animatronic figures (see the Goblins inside Gringotts Bank). Even though this ride is still expected to have screens, it would definitely be a breath of fresh air to see one or more major Audio-Animatronics used as part of the attraction. Now it's time for you to share your opinions. What do you think about these rumors?


  1. In order to do Kong justice he will need to be as big or bigger than the Yeti...and we all know how well that worked out.

    My only hope is that they design it in a way that can be easily fixed or have a GREAT backup system. A cheap strobe effect better not be an option.

    If done correctly and runs well for years, Disney's Yeti will become an even bigger joke.

  2. Blue sky....Not believing anything until official announcement =/

    1. @Stacy: Great, because these are just rumors, as we stated on our post. We hope you enjoyed thinking about future possibilities!

  3. @Last Anonymous: Like we said before, these are just rumors, so we do NOT know if these things will come true or not. That said, we think it is nice to have the opportunity to discuss the possibilities, don't you think? Also, why would you say that these are not true? Do you know something we don't (just curious)?

  4. I LOVE the rumors, whether they're true or not, who cares! That's the fun of it! Is it going to be strictly Kong, or a mix of Jurassic park as well? I remember a rumor from a while ago predicting that there may be a jeep style Jurassic park ride based off the new movie coming out. Whatever the outcome I am very excited for the new addition!

  5. I wish they would bring back an updated version of Jaws and Back To The Future

  6. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment, but I'd be happy with this ride, running Kong or not.

  7. as a former usf employee it would be nice to see a life like kong as there was in years past of course newer technology but as far as the comment earlier it would be nice to have jaws and BTTF back however there isnt enough room to place the attraction and do it justice

  8. Wouldn't it be a AMAZING if it's true!. Would love to see Kong fleshed out again!

  9. Do you think the scenes will be based on the island or like the old ride in New York?

  10. This would be amazing, and stunning! I hope this is true! Another "win"! FOR SURE!


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