Polynesian Village Update: Capt. Cook's Now Open (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this new Disney's Polynesian Village Resort photo-report! Click on this link if you are looking for PART 1 of this update.
In part 1, we took a quick look around the entrance area of the hotel, the lobby, the small shopping area, the refurbished Captain Cook's dining location, and more. Now, let us continue to check out the rest of this exotic location, including the new villas being built along the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon:

A few more photos of the Capt. Cook's dining area:

The beverage station:

More walls await us outside:

A breath of fresh air:

Here's a map showing the areas of the resort that are currently unavailable:

Work continues on the Nanea Volcano Pool:

The volcano structure still remains. At least, for now:

Heading to the dock:

A few more photos of the pool area:

The new villas are looking really nice:

Let's go around them:

Notice the particulars:

The rest of the villas still need a lot more work:

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  1. The most important picture is missing - Are the Dole Whip machines still present?


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