Polynesian Village Update: Capt. Cook's Now Open (PART 1)

Work continues to take place around Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. This beloved hotel is completely changing, adding new themed elements that are certainly going to be appreciated by many Guests, but also removing some that were once regarded as staples. All-in-all, we hope that the changes taking place won't be too harsh, and will actually improve the Guest experience. Join us now, as we take a look around to check on the progress that has been done in the past few weeks:

First of all, work on the new entrance sign continues:

More work continues to be done right in front of the main entrance of the resort:

A section of the small water feature right outside the lobby is still walled-off:

The other side looks good, but the waterfalls are not operational:

Entering the lobby:

We can't wait to see this area as a wide open space again:

Some of the artworks are gorgeous, though:

New furniture:

Some of the small stores on the first floor of the hotel:

Time to check out the refurbished Capt. Cook's restaurant:

The layout of this dining location has not changed:

It looks like the handy self-service kiosks are gone:

The first dining area:

Some great posters and light fixtures:

The second dining area:

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