Magic Kingdom Update: Work in Every Land (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of our newest Magic Kingdom Park photo-report. Remember to check out PART 2 of this update by clicking on this link.
In the previous part, we concluded our tour of Tomorrowland, and then we explored the New Fantasyland area of the park, including the Seven dwarfs Mine Train (which continues to have technical issues and elevated wait times). We will now continue to check out Fantasyland. Then, we'll visit Liberty Square and Frontierland:

The back of Prince Eric's castle is starting to look moldy:

Gaston's village:

Beast's castle:

Work continues on the former Seven Dwarfs Mine shop:

The majority of the queue of Peter Pan's Flight remains closed for refurbishment:

Over in Liberty Square, The Yankee Trader is also still closed for a major refurbishment:

The Liberty Square Riverboat Landing recently reopened after a quick refurbishment:

Once in Frontierland, we thought it would be nice to check out Tom Sawyer Island, as we had not been back there since at least a year. It was a pleasant, relaxing experience:

There's really nothing new to report from this area, but we'd like to share some general photos of the area:

Our favorite cave:


  1. Thanks for the tour!
    Good to finally see some long needed sprucing up. New attractions are nice, but the existing ones are still part of the show.

    Wouldn't surprise me to learn that there has been a performance incentive program or two (or more) in place the last few years that has been rewarding penny pinching in the wrong ways.

    Its one thing to tie a CEO or other management team salary to stock performance, earnings, but without qualitative factors that sort of game is too easy to beat.

  2. Great update! I love to see work on the island. Such a hidden gem.


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