Magic Kingdom Update: Work in Every Land (PART 4)

Welcome to PART 4 (the last one, we promise!) of our Magic Kingdom Park photo-report. Click on this link to go back to PART 3 of this update.
In part 3, we completed our virtual tour of Fantasyland and Liberty Square. In addition to that, we also started enjoying the sights and sounds of Frontierland, venturing inside the caves and hidden spots found along Tom Sawyer's Island. We will now share with you a few more photos of the area, then we will move on:

A panoramic photo for your enjoyment (FULL-SIZE):

The rest of Frontierland:

The Golden Oak Outpost recently started selling some great new food items:

The BLT Waffle Fries sound delicious!:


More railings should be added to the roof:

They already did so on the roof of the nearby Tortuga Tavern:

By the way, Pirates of the Caribbean still shows outrageous wait times:

Yes, we know that it's Summer, but the FastPass+ lines seem incredibly long too...

Work continues on the queue line of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room:

This part of the facade is now scaffolding-free:

It has been completely refreshed, and it looks great:

There are so many details we never noticed before:

Thanks for visiting the park with us today!

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  1. I loved this 4 part photo report. Great pictures and angles of areas one would miss as you fly by to get to the next ride, restaurant reservation, or show. I can't believe there is still construction but as Walt said WDW will never be complete.

  2. With all the new railings, ropes, and temp rails on the roofs, I wonder if the Magic Kingdom was recently inspected by OSHA.

  3. Thank you for this great BIG update.
    Great pictures, they gave a good impression of the park.
    I realize you have a lot of work with making the updates. I appreciate the work that you do.
    Matthew from the Netherlands.

  4. About the railings, I have been seeing permits filed for a couple months now for these new safety railings on buildings in all the parks, not just MK. This does appear to be an OSHA thing, but I am not sure what suddenly prompted it, maybe a change in the rules.

  5. "Queue Line" = "Line Line"

  6. @Anonymous: No need for grammar advice. This is a blog. :)

  7. A client of ours was awarded an *enormous* contract from Disney to manufacture and install railings everywhere throughout Disney World. Our client was pretty vague, but I believe it is definitely employee-safety related, and stemming out of, at least in part, some of the recent Disneyland Space Mountain incidents, among others.

  8. I am devastated. That's not a hyperbole either. When I saw Disney destroying the buildings in California by adding hideous looking railings to the roofs I felt bad for them, but blessed the laws in Florida were not as strict as those in California. To see these beautiful buildings add terrible things to the roofs is unimaginable. I'm saddened by this. The park has been around for this long with no issues regarding "safety" on the roof. Another huge declining by degree. Its a waste of money and its ruining our Kingdom.


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