Islands of Adventure Update: Firework Barges (PART 3)

Here we are, on PART 3 of our latest Islands of Adventure photo-report. Looking for PART 2? Then, make sure to check it out by clicking on this link.
In part 2 we enjoyed walking around the wacky world of Toon Lagoon, and then we took a quick look behind the walls, where a new King Kong themed land is rumored to be taking shape, away from the eyes of most people visiting the park. Jurassic Park followed, and that's exactly where we will continue our tour:

The various midway games in the area now have new prizes that include the logos of the games:

Let's go inside the Jurassic Park Discovery Center:

Work continues on a small section of the Discovery Center:

Exiting the attraction:

The hidden bridge:

The former Island Skipper Tours area is still completely abandoned:

Some of the great scenery seen from the bridge:

Time to head to the Lost Continent:

Some props were being repainted:

This building was also completely repainted:

The train station:

The not-so-good-looking extended queue was up:

We'll conclude with a quick look around Seuss Landing:

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