Islands of Adventure Update: Firework Barges (PART 1)

During our most recent visit to Universal's Islands of Adventure, we noticed a few interesting things, including some new, temporary firework barges all over the central lagoon of the park. We quickly thought that it could be something related to the rumored new nighttime show that should be added to the park in the next few years. Sadly, it looks like these are just going to be used during an after-hour special event not open to the public. But there's still a lot taking place around the park:

The adventure begins:

Port of Entry has never looked better:

Some of the wait times during the afternoon:

The firework barges we mentioned at the beginning of the post:

Notice that the buoys are still there, though:

Marvel Superhero Island:

The grey sky helps to bring out the bright colors of the land::

Entering Toon Lagoon:

The Heathcliff animated prop has been completely refurbished:

Notice the bright colors:

The fishing pole still needs to be retouched, though:

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