Islands of Adventure: Summer Downtime (PART 1)

It is time to get back to the Universal Orlando Resort to check on the progress being done in the many areas that are currently being worked on. Both parks will be receiving even more additions in the next few months. Even though nothing has been officially announced yet, we are sure that most Guests visiting the park won't be disappointed (we are basing this statement purely on what we have seen in the past few years). Today we will focus on Islands of Adventure. Let's start:

The Port of Entry:

Wait times:

Let's continue by checking out Marvel Superhero Island:

This land always feels very busy:

A quick look around Toon Lagoon:

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls continues to have technical difficulties on most days:

The land that will soon welcome King Kong:

There's a lot more dirt in that are now:

New bamboo fences have been installed all around the King Kong area. They look much better than the green walls. We are glad to see Universal Orlando starting to care more and more about the appearance of their work walls and other temporary structures. Even those can make a difference in the eyes of Guests:

More behind-the-walls photos of the King Kong plot, from another location:


A random chair:

Notice the two pipes sticking out from the ground:

Time to go deeper into Jurassic Park:

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