Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island Closes at SeaWorld

After 15 years of hilarious hijinks and pinniped pranks, SeaWorld Orlando’s “Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island” has finally sailed into the sunset, having its last show on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Of course, this doesn't mean that their adventures will end! In fact, Clyde and Seamore’s next show is coming in 2015, and will continue to entertain Guests for years to come. Let's take a look around the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium to say goodbye to Clyde, Seamore, and their friends:

Entering the park for the Media Day. That would be our last time seeing the funny duo:

A pirate version of Shamu greeted us. Afterwards, we left for the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium:

Here we are:

Here's Clyde! Or, was it Seamore? We always get confused, as they look very similar to our untrained eyes:

One of their "biggest" friends:

The otter will also be in the new show. They don't know what part it will play at this time, though:

But we won't really have to say goodbye to those guys. What will actually go away is the scenery. The pirate ship, the rockwork, the props, the waterfall, the clouds... All of these things will be completely replaced:

Despite the new, unusual color scheme that was recently applied to the ship, it still looked quite impressive:

The entire stadium seen before Guests were let in for the first show of that day:

Everyone was given a free red bandana:

As Guests entered, look who came in:

Here you are a video of the famous Mime that has delighted millions of Guests for years before the start of the show. He is definitely an asset for the park, and we seriously hope he will return next year:

Time to say goodbye to these talented individuals. We hope to see them again soon!:

Sailing away...

Unfortunately, we will not be able to upload the full video of the entire show, as SeaWorld Orlando directed us (and, by extension, all members of the Media) not to take videos longer than 5 minutes (hence the duration of the video shown above). That said, you can surely find a full video of the show online, if you are interested.

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