Virtual Standby Queue Test at Soarin' and More Epcot News

Quite a few interesting news have been coming from Epcot in the past few days.
First of all, we have confirmed that a lot of scaffolding has been seen laying around a small area located right next to the backstage of the Norway pavilion. The scaffolding is still not assembled, but we wonder if this is something we should monitor, as it could be related to the rumored Frozen project that would include the complete re-imagining of the existing Maelstrom attraction. But there's more.

There are also some news coming from Soarin'. First of all, the backstage area is being completely cleared, adding fuel to the rumor about a third (an, possibly, even a fourth) theater would be added to the existing two theaters. All that is remaining behind the building is a couple of trucks and a temporary-looking building that houses offices. 

In addition to that, some work is being done on the nearby Soarin' Cast Member breakroom, which is possibly being expanded. Why would they need to do so? Possibly to prepare for the additional Cast Members needed to operate the additional theater(s). Of course, this is all pure speculation on our part.

Finally, a new standby queue system will be tested at Soarin' between July 29-31, 2014. On those dates, Guests will be given a card that will direct them to return at an appointed time (working like the old FASTPASS system) rather than waiting in the standby queue for an extended period of time. The cards will be available from the Soarin' rotunda (the entrance area of the attraction) on a first-come, first-served basis. Only ONE (1) card will be give to each Guest, and all members of a party have to be present to receive a card. No exceptions to this rule. When Guests come back, they will find a moderate wait time.

Once all cards are given out for the day, the attraction will be considered closed for standby Guests, as Soarin' will have reached capacity, and will therefore not be able to handle any more Guests for that day.

What about the FastPass+ service? No worries. Guests with FastPass+ selections for the attraction will still redeem them through the normal process. FastPass+ for Soarin' will also be available for same-day selections.


  1. Hopefully they do build the new theater(s) to cut down the crazy long wait times. This new queue system seems confusing, especially for first-time guests. If they do expand, the ride would be able to support a regular queue line with a moderate wait. For the possible Frozen ride, although the construction seems suspicious, I doubt a new ride is coming. Disney has made it quite clear they wish to keep the World Showcase strictly cultural. A similar debate came up when people wished to add an Alice In Wonderland atttaction to England since only Disneyland has the ride currently. Trust me, I'm all for a Frozen ride but I feel revamping the Maelstorm is too basic for such a huge movie like Frozen. If Disney even does make a Frozen ride, I'm sure it will be over in Magic Kingdom (even though MK hardly needs it). However, I wouldn't count on it, as Disney never made a Lion King attraction when it was talked about the way Frozen is now. However, Disney may have some tricks up their sleeves, and will be surprising us with Frozen at Epcot - let's just hope it lives up to the hype of the movie.


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