Universal Studios Update: The Train is Departing (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us in this virtual tour of Universal Studios Florida. If you are looking for PART 1 of this same photo-update, click on this link.
In part 1, we took a very brief look around Production Central, New York City, and San Francisco. Now, let's continue to enjoy our walk around the park, checking out the new London waterfront and the World Expo area. There are still a few more things we would like to point out. As always, have fun:

New sign have been placed on both sides of the entrance to the Amazing Pictures shop:

Walking toward London:

People are now able to experience the Hogwarts Express:

The rest of London is still only accessible to Guests that purchased a special Resort Package:

More trash cans have been added along the London waterfront (even outside the fence):

Sadly, this section of the wall still has a pile of dirt next to it. We can't wait to see it removed:

A few more photos of the London facades (we can't wait to get closer to them!):

The berm is doing a great job hiding the showbuilding:

This looks like a new gate:

The new wait time sign has been on-and-off for the past few days:

World Expo:

The work that was being done in the lockers area of M.I.B. Alien Attack has been completed:

It looks like walls were added behind some of the lockers to protect them from the elements:

We had no time to check out Springfield, the KidZone, or Hollywood this time. We'll be back next week:

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  1. Hmm "one of the newest attractions" in "that particular section of the park." You wouldn't happen to be talking about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by any chance? No, of course not, there are witches in that so it's just better to pretend the whole thing is "London." Looking forward to the promised update about "the land that shall not be named!"

  2. Could you please "be nice". OTPN does a great job! To their credit, they did use the name "Hogwarts Express" in the photo report. I know it's weird, but I don't claim to fully understand the muggle world either.

  3. I only seen the first 2 Harry potter films but isn't London just a normal city and the magic doesnt happen to they get on the train? Also you shouldn't take the pee out of people's religious beleaves as witchcraft is classed as Black magic which they believe is involved with the devil himself. Now I don't go to church but if you want to see pictures of HP there's lots if you search for it.

  4. The section with the "pile of dirt" at the edge of the waterfront is intentional. The River Thames is tidal, and when the tide goes out (and the water level drops), that is how the bank of the river looks.

    Hope that helps!


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