Universal Studios Update: The Train is Departing (PART 1)

One of the newest attractions of Universal Studios Florida has been in technical rehearsal since July 2, 2014 (we are talking about the train connecting Universal Studios Florida to Islands of Adventure). We were able to check out the area, but we will post photos of that particular section of the park in another update. For now, let us take a look around other area of Universal Studios Florida to see what is still being done around the park. We hope you will enjoy this update:


New York:

Everything looks great:

Some photos of the new shop by the Blues Brothers stage:

It's very small, and sells very limited merchandise. Still much, much better than what it replaced:

The only Blues Brothers merchandise we saw:

Lots of candy bars, though:

The refurbished Starbucks:

San Francisco:

The wait time sign of Disaster! was not working: