SeaWorld Update: Summer Season Fun (PART 1)

Hello Orlando Theme Park News Readers! Welcome to our latest SeaWorld Orlando photo-update. Among all the excitement that the Universal Orlando Resort has created in the past few weeks, SeaWorld Orlando has still managed to at least attract some attention due to the two new shows that recently opened at the park. We will have photos of them in our upcoming nighttime SeaWorld update. In the meantime, let's take a look at the park during the day, to see what's happening:

Welcome to SeaWorld Orlando:

SeaWorld's 50th celebration continues:

As always, here you are a few photos of Manta:

Key West:

We never noticed this tower before. This actually reminds us of the fact that SeaWorld still does not offer free in-park Wi-Fi. At this point in time, you would expect every major theme park to offer this basic service:

More signs reminding Guests that SeaWorld Parks have been around for half a century:

Busy day, but not too bad:

Heading to the thrill-ride section of the park:

Journey to Atlantis:

The Kraken:

Let's check out Antarctica:

60-minute waits for Empire of the Penguin:

A new sign has been placed in front of the "penguin wall" to avoid having people climbing on it:


  1. Do you mean every major Florida park should be offering WI-FI or every major park in general? Disneyland does not offer any free Wi-Fi in it's parks or Downtown Disney out in California.

  2. Since the 50th Celebration started SeaWorld has free wifi now. Its located in the Port of Entry area at the front of the park and its also around Shamu Stadium. Those are the two places with very strong signal. Some areas of the park have service but lower strength. I use the free wifi on all my trips every weekend to the park so I know for a fact it works.


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