New "MagicBand Budget" App Now Available for Purchase

MagicBands are now seen all over the Walt Disney World Resort. They are on the wrist of most theme park visitors, and many have already become familiar with them. That said, there may still be some issues using them, as it is very easy to lose track of purchases made around the parks. In fact, MagicBand were especially designed to encourage Guests to make more purchases, but... how much are you actually spending? Now there's a new, unofficial app that might help you.

Here's the official press release presenting this new app, which is now available for purchase (NOTE: Orlando Theme Park News is NOT affiliated with or sponsored by the maker of this app):

If you have ever used a MagicBand at the Walt Disney World Resort, you know that feeling in your stomach when your account bill arrives; dread. The MagicBand Budget app is designed to keep the fun in your Disney vacation!

MagicBand Budget is the first iPhone app of its kind dedicated to help Disney guests save money while at Walt Disney World. This innovative budgeting app helps you track your spending, keeps you aware and in control of your MagicBand account balance, and also includes many other helpful features for Guests.

Disney's MagicBand technology is great, it offers the convenience of paying for purchases with a wristband; however spending can get out of control quickly because it'€™s so easy and fun to use. Track and budget your MagicBand account with MagicBand Budget app, so you know the exact total you owe at the end of your trip. You will also be able to double check you bill for accuracy, because mistakes do happen.

MagicBand Budget app features:
  • Keep track of spending with our easy expense tracker. Create custom categories and either enter a quick costs or detailed descriptions including dates and pictures of receipts.
  • Create a personalized budget with helpful graphs to show you how much money you have left to spend.
  • Countdown clock with customizable text and Facebook integration to get you excited about how much time is left until your Disney trip!
  • Adjustable animated monorails; choose from 12 Disney World Mark VI monorail colors or 3 Disneyland Mark VII colors.
  • Over 45 money saving tips and tricks to use before and while you are at the park.
  • Helpful vacation savings tracker with goal and graph to help you keep an eye on your Disney vacation fund.
  • MagicBand Budget works independently from your cell network so you will always have access, even when not connected to the internet.
To celebrate our grand launch, we are hosting a giveaway! A $25 Disney store gift card, Disney Parks MagicBand Bandits - Set of 4, and a free download of MagicBand Budget App for iPhone IOS are up for grabs! For more information, head over to

If you'€™d like to personally test out the app for free, please contact us for a promo code. We welcome your review and feedback. This iPhone app, MagicBand Budget, was officially released July 1st, 2014 and can be purchased via the iTunes store for use with iPhone and iPod touch for $2.99 

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  1. Thanks for sharing but this app is pretty pointless. First of all, this app does NOT link up with your MagicBands. You have to manually enter costs. So just about any budgeting app you have on your smartphone would work fine. This app is not free. It costs $2.99. Not trying to bash it. There may be some value here. Just didn't want anyone to assume this was a Disney app. It is not.

  2. whoooo... that budget almost knocked me off my seat. Another reason why it's great to live in Florida. My Disney budget is usually around $30 per trip.


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