Islands of Adventure Update: A Nice Summer Day (PART 1)

Good morning Orlando Theme Park News Readers! Today we have another new photo-update to share with you. As you know, King Kong is returning to the Universal Orlando Resort, even though he is actually park-hopping now, as he will be calling Islands of Adventure his new home. But that's not all that's happening around this great theme park. Let's take a look around together to enjoy some of the attractions and themed areas that the park offers to see what else is new:

A quick tour of Port of Entry:

It's really one of our favorite park entrances:

The Tip Board is still down:

Marvel Superhero Island:

The park was quite crowded, but it wasn't too bad:

Toon Lagoon:

It always bothers us to see this huge piece of real estate wasted like this:

The sign of the Comic Strip Cafe really needs some TLC:

More photos of the area:

Work on the future King Kong area proceeds:

The pipes are still there:

The opposite side of the construction zone:

Heading to Jurassic Park:

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