Islands of Adventure Update: JP Arch Gone (PART 1)

Work continues to be done around a few of the themed areas of Universal's Islands of Adventure. While Universal Studios Florida has been receiving a lot of new additions in the past few years, the Resort is finally focusing again on Islands of Adventure, as there are quite a few interesting projects either taking shape as we speak or being developed behind the scenes. Today, we are going to take another look around this great park, focusing on the future King Kong area and more:

The Port of Entry has never looked better:

New palm trees were recently planted near the bazaar:

You can clearly see which ones are new:

The tip board was again having issues:

Yep, this is definitely not what we are looking for:

Nothing new to report from Marvel Superhero Island:

Busy day:

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man had a 65-minute wait:

Moving on, nothing new is happening around the Toon Lagoon Theater:

The rest of Toon Lagoon:

75-minute wait for Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls (it's hot!):

Heading to the King Kong plot:

Lots of work continues to be done behind the walls:

Anyone know what this is?:

The King Kong area seen from the opposite side:

Pipes being installed:

1 comment:

  1. It sits down in the hole that the backhoe next to it is digging. It keeps the workers down in the hole safe from a collapse.


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