Islands of Adventure: King Kong Land Construction Update

Good morning everyone! Today we have a very short construction update showing you around the plot of land inside Universal's Islands of Adventure that is rumored to be soon home to a new King Kong land. To make way for this new addition, multiple trees had to be removed, and the Jurassic Park arch located near the entrance of Toon Lagoon had to be disassembled. That said, you shouldn't worry too much, as the arch should be back in a new location. Let's take a look:

The few trees left:

Behind the construction walls:

Wider shots:

Still only dirt, for now:

And that is all for now. As always, thank you very much for following us, and see you again real soon!


  1. Thank you for your updates. Even those 'little' ones. Wish I could visit the parks as often as you do, which is hard for me not being retired working in Germany.
    Your posts get me at least 'virtually' closer to Orlando attractions.
    Thanx so much.

  2. Rob-Australia, Melbourne.
    I must say I have been reading your site for about 4 years now and watched the growth and evolution of it. I guess the last person inspired me to write this.
    For someone so far away but visited USA numerous times (florida twice) its awesome to have news and photos. Your information is accurate and the pics are great quality. Please keep the site as it is, again from so far away I love feeling like I know whats happening especially in Orlando, a place I absolutely love, it feels like a lifetinme but it was only 3 years ago I was there.
    Rob Parsons.

  3. A big thank you to both of you, as well as to all those who follow us daily! It is a pleasure for us to do this, as we really love theme parks, and we want to share what we see (especially what is new) with our Readers. Again, thank you for taking the time to let us know that you appreciate what we do!

  4. I've been wondering exactly where this area is. I found a photo with it marked:

    I guess it was always a storage area?


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