I-Drive 360 Update: Great Sights from the Parking Garage

The I-Drive 360 area looks better and better as time goes by. Each time we visit the place, we get more excited. It will definitely be a hit among Central Florida visitors and residents, as it will offer world-class attractions, great restaurants and shopping option, proximity to other attractions, as well as other interesting offerings that are yet to be revealed. As we wait for all of these new additions to open, let us take a look around and see how much progress has been done so far:

The Orlando Eye:

It was a beautiful afternoon:

Here's the terminal for the Orlando Eye:

The area surrounding the observation wheel:

Two new restaurant that will be opening soon: Carrabba's Italian Grill and Outback Steakhouse:

From the ground:

More buildings taking shape:

A new LED sign was recently installed near the main entrance of I-Drive 360:

A parking sign (which looks very similar to the other sign) was installed on the other end of the area:

A panoramic look at the area surrounding I-Drive 360:

The I-Shops area:

The newly-repainted Westgate Palace hotel:

The Universal Orlando Resort:

SeaWorld Orlando:

We'll conclude with two panorama photos of the area:



That is all for now. We recommend you also check out the new photo-update by our friends over at Pixels at the Parks, as they have posted some more great pictures of the area. See you tomorrow with more updates!


  1. This project is looking really great! I can't wait to check it out when it's all done. It's cool how Universal is so close. Great update!

  2. Great pictures, good update.
    Thank you.
    Matthew from the Netherlands

  3. I got nothing against Merlin entertainment building new attractions all around the world but the uk parks are suffering cause of it.


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