Animal Kingdom: New "Bloody Mary" Offerings at Dawa Bar

Beginning today (July 27, 2014), new beverage offerings will be available at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. In fact, the Dawa Bar (located next to the Harambe Theater District, in the Africa section of the park) just started offering new "Bloody Mary" drinks inspired by Discovery Island, Asia, and Africa. This will be of special interest for those who like to relax and drink something - always in moderation, of course - during an afternoon at the parks. Continue to read for more information.

The following drinks are now available at the Dawa Bar (note: these are all alcoholic drinks):
  • African Bloody Mary - A classic blend with the addition of berbere spice. Garnished with fresh vegetables and house made beef jerky.
  • Dawa Bloody Mary - Classic Bloody Mary with a strong horse radish finish. Garnished with truffle blue cheese olives and prosciutto ham.
  • Discovery Island Bloody Mary - Classic mix with lemon juice and olive brine. Garnished with tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil skewer. Drinks light and refreshing.
  • Asian Bloody Mary - Cocktail made with Kim chee salad purée and sriracha. Garnished with Asian salad and grilled shrimp. If you love a spicy Bloody Mary, this is the one for you.
The Dawa Bar opens daily at 9 a.m. to serve Guests visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.