Gorilla Exhibit Refurbishment at Animal Kingdom in July

Throughout the entire month of July, several enhancements will be made in the gorilla exhibit at the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in Africa, including the installation of safety access steps and handrails on both sides of the exhibit. While this work is being done on the “bachelor” side of the exhibit, the four western lowland silverback (male) gorillas have temporarily moved to the family side of the exhibit where they are actively investigating their new surroundings.

The family group of gorillas, including Lilly and her mother Kashata are now in their backstage facility where they are participating in their normal enrichment activities.

When this first phase of onstage work is completed in approximately two weeks, the males will return to their refurbished “bachelor” side so that the same installations can be completed on the family side of the exhibit. The family group will remain backstage until all of the work is completed at the end of July.


  1. These steps and rails, are inside the habitat, correct?


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