Downtown Disney Update: The Landing Grows (PART 1)

Downtown Disney continues to change. Guests visiting this growing entertainment district can't help but notice the amazing amount of work taking place in this area. It is not difficult to believe that this is the largest expansion in the history of Downtown Disney, and we can certainly say that we (and many others) cannot wait to check out all the new offerings that will be added once the Disney Springs project is officially completed. In the meantime, let's check out the area together:

Welcome to Downtown Disney:

Some have said that these two new kiosks are actually temporary. They definitely look a bit out of place:

The West Side:

Work on the new Food Truck Park continues:


The water around Planet Hollywood is slowly being completely drained:

The nearby stage has been removed, and the fountain has been restored:

  Moving on to Pleasure Island:

The new Boathouse restaurant continues to take shape very quickly:

Other new buildings around Pleasure Island/The Landing:

Pleasure Island is no more:


  1. I found an error in your story and it said Cane not Can. Please fix it!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! The mistake has been removed.

  3. Do you know when the work will be fully completed?


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