Disney's Polynesian Village Construction Update (PART 1)

Yesterday afternoon, our official photographer Alex took a look around Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. This charming and old hotel has always been a staple of the Walt Disney World Resort. Many Guests that have visited the Magic Kingdom Park since the 1970's will remember seeing this beautiful resort, located right across the Seven Seas Lagoon. Now, though, this hotel is receiving a major expansion that is currently creating some issues to Guests. Let's take a look around:

Work on the new entrance sign and water feature has officially begun:

Walls surround some areas of the parking lot:

New walkways:

Nearby, a new Cast Member walkway is being built:

Walls have also been installed around the great water feature located before the hotel's main entrance:

Inside the Great Ceremonial House:

The former location of the fountain in the middle of the lobby:

Artworks showing the future look of the hotel can bee seen everywhere:

New signs direct Guests where to go:

It's quite easy getting lost in what looks more like a maze instead of a hotel lobby:

Disney character cut-outs have also been added in front of some walls:

Some of them look a bit... "off," like Donald:

Work being done on the ceiling:


Another water feature getting some attention:

More and more walls:

A peek behind:

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