Animal Kingdom Update: Discovery Island Projects (PART 1)

Hello again, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! This morning we have another new photo-report to share with you. This time, we are going to spend some time walking around Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park to see what is currently happening there. There's definitely a lot of activity taking place on Discovery Island, Africa, and the future AVATAR Land, but you can be sure that even more work will be done in other areas. Let's now gather our luggage and start to explore this great park:

First of all, the cranes located on the plot of the new AVATAR Land are actively being used:

In the parking area, work on the new Yeti Lot has officially begun:

Entering the park:

Walls are a common sight around Discovery Island these days. This is a great sign of things to come:

Work on the expansion of Disney Outfitters continues:

Also, the former Tip Board has been completely removed. There's much more walking space now:

Moving on:


More walls around some of the animal exhibits on Discovery Island:

Construction on a new coffee kiosk continues next to the Flame Tree Barbecue:

Macaws flying around (and resting) as part of the newest show:

Cranes are being used to work on the Tree of Life:

From another angle:

All the leaves on the tree are supposed to be replaced:

Some branches of the Tree of Life are being marked:

New scaffolding cane be seen to the right of the tree in the following photos:

The beautiful Harambe Theatre District:

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