Islands of Adventure Update:Trains and Dinosaurs (PART 1)

As the title reveals, this latest Islands of Adventure photo-update will focus on two major news. The first news is that training for the new train has officially begun. We have spotted several Team Members (with full costumes) in the area. The second news is that the T-Rex photo-op is being moved in another location withing Jurassic Park to make way for the new King Kong themed area. So, let's start taking a look around the park together. We hope you will enjoy the photos:

Welcome to Islands of Adventure:

The Express banner has already been removed:

A quick look around the Port of Entry area:


The park's main Tip Board is still not operational:

Seuss Landing:

The "If I Ran the Zoo" playground is open, even though a part of it is being refurbished:

The part being worked on:

Some behind-the-wall photos:

Moving on:

The Lost Continent:

The new train station is visible from the entrance of Sindbad's Village:

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