Islands of Adventure Update: A Sea of Dirt (PART 1)

Islands of Adventure is constantly considered one of the best theme parks ever created, and for good reasons. In fact, all of its themed areas look impeccable (despite some showbuildings not being completely covered), and its rides and attractions are among the best in the industry. But there's more coming, including a rumored King Kong themed area that is supposedly going to be a great experience for the whole family. Let's check on the progress being done in this and other areas:

Port of Entry looks great as usual:

Seuss Landing:

McElligot's Pool was repainted just a few weeks ago, but the water has already removed some paint:

Moving on:

Work on the back section of "If I Ran the Zoo" continues:

They're doing a great job there:

It looks like fixing the sign of Green Eggs and Ham is not one of the park's top priorities at the moment:

There is no sense of time and space here at Seuss Landing, as you can clearly see:

Leaving this colorful island... venture inside the Lost Continent:

The new area surrounding the train station:

It looks great:

The attraction's warning sign:

The exit area:

Imagine how beautiful it will be when these trees will grow:

Jurassic Park:

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