Hollywood Studios Update: Last Star Wars Weekend

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
Despite the fact that is has rained quite a few times in the past three days, it has been delightfully fresh, and definitely a good time to spend (indoors!) around the parks, especially due to the lower-than-usual crowds. This afternoon we will take a look around Disney's Hollywood Studios, a park that may surprise us in the very near future. As always, we hope you will enjoy this update:

Where showbiz is:

One day we will have back a clear view of this majestic attraction:

A few photos taken inside The Great Movie Ride:

Animation Courtyard should be completely re-themed:

Some of its shows definitely need to be replaced or heavily refurbished. We need something new for this park:

Pixar Studios is always extremely crowded. Many rumors include new attractions for this tiny themed area:

The Studio Backlot Tour is a lost cause. It has to go:

The entire area should become an extension of Pixar Place:

Another show that may not last more than a year or so:

The Streets of America area is great, but is also suffers from the lack of attractions:

Some Star Wars-themed meet-and-greets:

The Premier Theater should be used more than just during these special events:

The Muppets Studios:

Filming. Something rare for this park (sadly). That said, it looks like the storm is finally letting up:

Star Tours is a great attraction. More should be done in this park themed after this saga:

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular may be a tired and cheesy show, but let's not forget that it was thanks to the popularity of this show that Disneyland Park in California got the amazing Indiana Jones Adventure:

The American Idol Experience will be closing in January 2015. What will become of that theater? Will they use for yet another show, or will they destroy it (as well as the adjacent ABC Theater) for a new attraction?:

Time is running out. Tomorrow is the last day to enjoy the Star Wars Weekends:

Sunset Boulevard is great. Still, what happened to the Maroon Studios? Ah, the good old Eisner era...

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.


  1. Might as well rename this update "The Sad State of Hollywood Studios" with all the disappointing pictures! I agree that the park needs work. Let's hope, now that Disney has poured money into MK and AK, that the Studios or Epcot is next! Both need the attention...

  2. When you said to re-theme animation courtyard, what do you have in mind?? I always thought that maybe just call it studios courtyard, with a new entrance to the backlot tour, and do it peoplemover style, have VOTLM become a live show where we are previewing a new villians production that goes wrong, a magic of disney animation behind the scenes thing like they have, and the playhouse junior show.

  3. Also, I just realized how the Great movie ride ceilings are not themed. Its a shame IMO


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