CityWalk Update: Hot Dogs Coming Soon (PART 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
Today we are going to take a look around Universal's CityWalk to check out the progress being done in the various areas that are currently still being worked on. This time we will continue to focus especially on the Cowfish restaurant, the Hot Dog Hall of Fame, and Bread Box, but we will also take a general look around the rest of the area. So, without further ado, let us start to enjoy this virtual tour:

Welcome on, welcome all:

Work on the new Cowfish restaurant continues:

A look at the work being done on the second floor, where the Cowfish restaurant will actually be located:

Some photos of the patio of Vivo Italian Kitchen:

We are not fans of having silverware not wrapped inside the napkin, especially since the tables are outdoors:

Another look at the Universal Studios Store:

A new logo has been installed right in front of the entrance:

It's really a much better store now:

The waterfall is operational once again:

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food is still very popular:

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame looks great:

It actually looks better than the artwork:

New banners: