Animal Kingdom Update: Walls Slowly Taking Over...

Hello everyone, and welcome to this latest Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park update. We usually post photo-reports in multiple parts, but we thought that one single post was more than enough for this one, as we "only" have about 40 pictures to share. Why so few? Because, while there's definitely a lot going on in this park, everything is currently... well, behind walls. That's all we can see at the moment, unfortunately. That being said, let's take a look around together and see what's new:

First of all, even before entering the park, Guests can spot the cranes being used for the new AVATAR land:

Getting to the park itself:

Walls are now completely surrounding the Disney Outfitters shop. It is getting an expansion:

It's a long, long set of walls:

The nearby Tip Board is also behind walls, and will be removed soon:

The Tree of Life:

That's all that we can currently see of the new AVATAR-themed land from inside the park:

More work is being done around Discovery Island. A section near the Flame Tree Barbecue is walled-off::

A new Joffrey's coffee kiosk is being built:

Work is also being done around a small area right in front of the gateway to Africa:

The new Harambe Theater District is really a fine themed area:

The Festival of the Lion King show (and theater) never looked this good:

The future pathway leading to the World of Pandora:

Above the walls:

More photos taken around Harambe:

Work on the rumored new Harambe shopping area continues:

A couple more shots of the Tree of Life. What an amazing structure:


New (temporary?) FastPass+ kiosk:

Expedition Everest:

Nothing to report from the Discovery River:

And, yes, that's all for now. Before concluding, remember to like us on our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the parks. Thank you again for your support, and see you real soon.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.


  1. No big deal on pics of AVATARland. Something tells me fans won't be as excited as they were for New Fantasyland or the London Embankment.
    I know I'm not.

  2. Thank you for the update. Good pictures as always. Matthew from the Netherlands

  3. AK really is a beautiful park. Just needs more to do. How about removing Primeval Whirl and replacing it with Crush's Coaster from Paris? It's sea animal based and would be a perfect fit next to the Nemo musical.

  4. Felix Primeval Whirl is in Dinoland, so crush's coaster wouldn't fit. But still this brings me to my point on why AK didn't make an under water theme land, it could have had a sub ride, maybe a flume a coaster like you said!
    Would have rather seen a land like that than Avatar!

  5. I feel like AK needs a good dark ride, i'm still feeling mystic manor!

  6. I always felt like AK would be a perfect park for a wooden coaster, i just feel like AK has such a broad subject and there using it to it's fullest potential, just like Hollywood Studios and Epcot :(

  7. I'm still waiting for a Jungle Book Attraction!!

  8. mystic manor would fit here better than any in disney park :(

  9. I know Primeval Whirl is in Dinoland but they could always put a wall there to make it separate. In my perfect world, imagineering would take that entire empty plot of land north of EE and turn it into a stateside version of some of Disney Sea. Imagine that volcano back there with JTTCOTE and 20,000 Leagues included. On the way to Mysterious Island you go through Mystic Pointe and ride Mystic Manor. My thinking is this can be part of Asia at AK, include attractions that are actually found in actual Disney Asian parks. Maybe even bring back the Adventure's Club and make it a restaurant back there. Even do a WOC show in the lagoon since I've heard rumors ROL is being cut back big time.

  10. Drake,
    I think the reason Animal Kingdom wasn't built with any aquatic exhibitions is due to the Living Seas already existing at Epcot.
    But I agree, Crush's Coaster would be perfect in AK, although they may need to work on capacity as the lines are always too long at Paris. Maybe they could mirror it like Primeval or Space Mountain.It could be a new land between DinoLand and Asia with the Nemo show the main feature then Crush's Coaster, some fish exhibits (but nothing as big as the living seas) and a smaller ride. Or even have a subs with real fish (Legoland in UK has this).


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