Magic Kingdom Update" "It's Off to Work We Go!" (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this new Magic Kingdom Park photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! PART 1 of this update can be found here.

In part 1 we spent quite a bit of time in the central hub of the park, as there's definitely a lot of work taking place there. Now, let us continue to take a look round the park, continuing from Tomorrowland and Fantasyland:

Sadly, there's absolutely nothing to report from Tomorrowland:

For this reason, let's just skip to Fantasyland:

Work is currently being don eon the facade of "it's a small world":

The Tangled restrooms:

Entering the Fantasyland Forest:

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train hosted Cast Member-only previews until 6:00 p.m. yesterday (only Magic Kingdom Cast Member with a special pass were allowed in the ride). Afterwards, a few trains were sent empty:

A look around:

The entrance to the interactive queue line:

The attraction itself:

Some empty trains (you can see some photos of Cast Members riding by clicking here):

The entrance leading to the dark-ride portion of the attraction:

The back of the mountain:

The other side:

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  1. I am wondering what the moral difference is between finding evil queen in Snow White acceptable but not Voldemort?


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