Magic Kingdom Update" "It's Off to Work We Go!" (PART 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-update, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
This afternoon we are going to take a good look around the Magic Kingdom Park to check out on the progress being done in the various areas that are currently under construction. There's always something going on in the world's most visited theme park, so we should not waste any more time. Let us embark on this virtual tour of the park. We hope you will enjoy the pictures:

Entering the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom Park:

Fortunately, you can virtually skip the time it takes to get to the Magic Kingdom Park from the TTC!:

A busy Main Street U.S.A.:

Work continues around the park's central hub:

Cutouts of Disney characters have been attached to the walls to make them more pleasant to the eyes:

Some of them can be some great photo-ops:

A look behind the walls:

On the other side:

The former location of the Swan Boats loading area will receive more work soon:

The Cinderella Castle:

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