Downtown Disney Update: A Great Morning (PART 1)

We usually do not visit Downtown Disney during the early morning hours. Most of the stores, restaurants, and places to visit open around 10 or 11 a.m., so there's not really a lot to see before that time. That being said, the beauty of nature more than makes up for the lack of man-mad attractions: the colors of the sky at dawn, the quiet walkways with trees gently moving on each side, and then... the noises coming from a nearby construction area. A necessary evil, I guess.

Let's take a look around Downtown Disney to check on the progress that has been done in the past few weeks in the various areas that are currently under construction as the entire are morphs into Disney Springs:

That should be the new Cast Members' building:

The food trucks were parked in the parking lot:

A quiet early morning indeed:

The parking garage continues to take shape:

It is really starting to change the entire landscape of the area:

The West Side:

The West Side Starbucks continues to take shape as well: