Fun Spot Attractions: Superbowl Advertisement Contest

The Fun Spot Parks have put together four different commercials that would be shown during this year's Superbowl event. Now, you have the chance to choose which one gets aired:

"For some, Super Bowl commercials are more watched than the football game. Local amusement parks, Fun Spot on International Drive and Highway 192, will debut a unique Super Bowl commercial during the game on Sunday, February 2 on Fox 35.

Four versions of the commercial were filmed and edited. Fun Spot is having a contest for its fans and friends to vote on which version should ultimately be shown during the game. Voting goes from January 24 – January 30, 2014. All four commercials can be viewed here:

A winner will be chosen from the group that voted for the most popular commercial. The winner will receive an Annual Pass to both Fun Spot parks, plus a Meet & Greet with Fun Spot owners, John Arie Sr and John Arie Jr.

Fun Spot has two amusement parks with roller coasters, multi-level go-kart tracks, thrill rides and arcade. With free admission and free parking, Fun Spot has grown every year for its 16 years. The company is owned and operated by a local family from Oviedo, the Arie Family.

[Reminders about the] Fun Spot Super Bowl contest:
  • Watch all 4 Super Bowl commercials.
  • Visit Fun Spot’s Facebook page and vote on which you like best.
  • Voting occurs between 1/24-1/30/14
  • From the group that votes for the commercial with the most votes, a random winner will be chosen to receive an Annual Pass to both parks (a $240 value) plus a Meet & Greet at the Orlando Park with Fun Spot’s owners, John Sr and John Jr.
Television spokesperson, John Arie Jr says “It’s going to be HUGE!”"

VIDEO: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.

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