Universal Orlando: Jurassic Park Games Description

As we stated a few days ago, the new Jurassic Park-themed midway games just recently debuted to the public at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Here you are the description of each one of these five new games:

Dino-mite New Games Make Their Debut in Jurassic Park 

Jurassic Park now features five fantastic new games for our guests to enjoy! Located between Pizza Predattoria and Jurassic Park River Adventure, these games offer highly-themed appeal and include:
  • DNA Sequencing – this “Balloon Bust” offers kids and adults the opportunity to pop balloons, where the more balloons they pop... the bigger the prize. 
  • JPAC Target Training – this “Bazooka Blast” tests a player’s ability to aim at a target with the ultimate goal of all cans being knocked off the base. 
  • InGen Egg Nursery - this fishing game lets a player pick three eggs for analyzing to discover which dinosaur is inside the egg. 
  • Dinosaur Dash Up – a head-to-head water race with a minimum of two players.
  • Hammond’s HotShots – this “Short Shot” tests a player’s ability to make a basket into a hoop. The more baskets they make, the more prizes they win.
Yes, these games are definitely a very minor addition, especially since many more important projects are taking place at the Universal Orlando Resort now. That said, remember that - according to a few reliable rumors - they may be part of phase one of a much more important Jurassic Park expansion, which could include up to two new attractions. We will continue to keep you up-to-date in case new information are released in the near future.

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