Islands of Adventure News: JP Games Open (PART 1)

Welcome to a new Islands of Adventure photo-report! Now that the new Jurassic Park midway games are open, it may look like nothing else is going on in that area of the park, but that is not true according to many rumors. Let's now take a long, detailed look around the entire park to see exactly what is going on in all the themed areas:

Behind this gate there's a wonderful world of adventure and fantasy:

New Universal Dining Plan brochures:

Port of Entry:

One of the main signs of the Trading Company store is still missing:

Woody Woodpecker:

We had never seen these general Orlando t-shirts in the park before:

New monitors replaced Confisco Grille's menu outside:

It wasn't operational yet:

Work on the new Starbucks location continues:

The original wait time sign was not working correctly (no wait times were displayed):

Seuss Landing:

Walls are now up in the area behind Green Eggs and Ham:

Nice themed signs and character cutouts on the temporary walls:

Repainting the track of The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride, currently closed for refurbishment:

By the way, the Green Eggs and Ham restaurant was open again:

A look around the rest of Seuss Landing:

Temporary sign for Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-Pendous:

The restaurant's original sign must be under refurbishment:

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  1. I hope Green Eggs & Ham is open when I come to Florida for the third time next year. I've wanted that food since I was 12 and I'm 22 now!


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