Islands of Adventure Update: Games Ready (PART 1)

We really dislike the title of this update (unfortunately we have to keep it short to make it fit on one single line), but it gives you a clear hint regarding the new Jurassic Park midway games. In fact, work on them has been going on for a few months now, and it looks like they are finally ready to open, as most of the props and structures have just been installed. That being said, let's start this update by first taking a look at other areas of the park:

We want to start by saying that we are amazed by the pristine conditions of this park. As you (our Readers) will know, we are very, VERY picky when it comes to themed areas and attractions, and we usually point out quite a few things that may be broken and/or missing in each of our photo-reports. These theme parks are huge, and the people taking care of them usually do a great job, but this time we couldn't help but notice how beautiful the park looked. All the buildings were in gorgeous conditions, most (if not all) of the special effects were working (we are referring to the rides that we were able to experience during this past visit), the grounds were cleaner that usual, and the park in general looked brand-new. We seriously want to commend Comcast and all the people taking care of the Universal Orlando Resort. They are all doing a fabulous job.

Inside the park:

First of all, some work is being done on the structure that used to support a sign for the Ocean Traders shop:

This was the only thing missing that we were able to notice this time:

Continuing our tour:

It looks like "The Last Chance Fruit Stand" received some additions:

The new menu now includes references to the Universal Dining Plan:

A closer look at the menu boards:

The Croissant Moon Bakery looked great:

The upside-down umbrella seems to have been replaced recently. It looks new!:

Lookin' good:

Even the roof of other buildings were recently refurbished:

Work on the new Starbucks location continues:

New themed signs were added on the temporary walls:

Wait times:

Moving on to Marvel Superhero Island:

Marvel characters meeting Guests outside, including this creepy one... You know who he is if you have had the chance to ride The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (or if you have seen the cartoons/movies...):

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