Disney Magic Dry Dock (2013): Some Fun Facts

The Walt Disney Company released some interesting information regarding the major Disney Magic rehab:

Earlier this week, the Disney Magic sailed into Cádiz, Spain, where it will undergo an unprecedented multiple-week dry dock and be completely re-imagined with new surprises and one-of-a-kind experiences. The six-week endeavor is double the length of a typical dry dock, and more than 500 projects will be completed over the course of the ship’s time in Cádiz! Here are some fun facts that showcase the magnitude of this exciting project:
  • More than 1,200 vendors will board the ship, and they will live on a ferry “parked” next to the Disney Magic.
  • 35 miles of wire will be replaced – that’s enough to stretch across Castaway Cay from end to end 10 times!
  • The Crew will be laying down 53,000 square yards carpet – enough to cover more than 8 football fields!
  • The Ariel View television, which is 14 feet high, 26 feet wide, will be replaced. By the way, it weighs more than two tons!
Once dry dock is complete, Guests will enjoy new spaces and amenities onboard, including:
  • After Hours – an all-new nighttime entertainment district for adults featuring a piano bar, Keys; a nightclub, Fathoms; and an Irish pub, O’Gill’s
  • AquaDunk – a thrill slide that takes riders on an exhilarating 3-story plunge over the side of the ship and back
  • AquaLab – an interactive water playground for children that includes the water slide Twist n’ Spout
  • Carioca’s – a Brazilian themed restaurant that transitions from day to night
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Club – features favorites such as Andy’s Room and Pixie Hollow and new spaces, including Marvel’s Avengers Academy and the Mickey Mouse Club  
Finally, learn more about the setting for dry dock – Cádiz, Spain:
  • One of the most popular urban myths about Cádiz is that it’s pronounced “Cah-DEEth” because King Ferdinand spoke with a lisp and, after being mocked by his subjects, decreed that all “z” sounds be pronounced as “th” instead.
  • Cádiz is quite possibly the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain, as well as one of the oldest in Western Europe.
  • The giant trees in Cádiz’s numerous parks are said to have been brought back to Spain from the New World by Christopher Columbus.
Visit Orlando Theme Park News throughout the next few weeks for some more official updates.

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