Animal Kingdom Update: News, Rumors, Etc. (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this Disney's Animal Kingdom photo-update (PART 1 can be found HERE).

Let's continue to take a look around Rafiki's Planet Watch:

The Song of the Rainforest is one of the very few interesting things to do:

It is basically a more interesting version of the former Sounds Dangerous:

More photos of the place:

The petting farm:

Back in the park:

Perfect spot to sit down and relax:

The Tree of Life must be THE best theme park icon ever built (yes, we said that!):


Dance party:

Nice restrooms. Disney definitely knows how to build great-looking bathrooms:

Kali River Rapids had a long wait, apparently:

These may be new tables:

Now it is time to talk about a rumor. As you know, some rumors floating around the internet hinted to the possibility of a nighttime show for Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. All of the rumors say that it could involve the same technology and special effects used int he very popular World of Color show at Disney California Adventure. That would be perfect for Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, as the park cannot host a fireworks show due to the presence of many animals (and due to money reasons, of course...). As we continued to observe the Discovery River in the past three or four trips to the park, we came to the conclusion that this would be the perfect spot for the rumored show:

Do you see that small blue structure? It is a seating area for the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant. That should be the future location of the show's amphitheater (NOTE: this is ENTIRELY speculation. We are not trying to start rumors. Take this as just a quick "study" made by theme park fans):

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