Epcot Update: "The Land" News & More (PART 1)

Epcot is receiving some attention in quite a few areas, and even though all of these can be considered minor projects, it is definitely great to see Disney taking care of the public areas of this amazing theme park. Let's take a look around to see what's being done, starting from the first themed section of the park, Future World:

First of all, the newest snack cart of Future World seems to have been removed:

That would be a great news, as it cluttered even more the Future World central plaza:

The new Fountain View Starbucks location is still under construction:

The new Epcot Character Spot:

Yes, it will offer FastPass+:

Let's now go inside INNOVENTIONS West:

The INNOVENTIONS guide maps are finally back!:

The former Rockin' Robots exhibit is again free of walls. It came back once again as a seating area:

It makes us really sad seeing so much empty space:

Future World West:

Inside The Land pavilion, work continues on the replacement of one of the pavilion's escalators:

The other escalator will also be replaced in the following months.

Let's check out the Living with the Land boat ride:

Very relaxing:

The Imagination pavilion:

Recent rumors are stating that the pavilion may close this winter. The reason? Still unknown:


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  1. So the rumors I heard of an Imagination pavilion revamp were actually TRUE, just about 3 years early?


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