Animal Kingdom: Theater Work Update (PART 1)

Hello Orlando Theme Park News Readers! We have got a quick Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park photo-update to share with you today. Despite the fact that it has been raining quite a while in the past few hours (and the temperature is absolutely perfect!), we were able to take some good shots of the various areas of the park currently receiving some attention. Let us start by checking out the extended bus loop area outside the park:

This is the expanded section:

The signs above the queue lines of the bus loop were recently redone, but they will change them again:

Why? Well, you can hardly read the names of the destinations! So much wasted space:

Heading inside the park:

Beautiful theming:

Let's take a look around DinoLand U.S.A.:

It was raining:

...therefore we had to take shelter inside Restaurantosaurus:

It looks a lot like a lodge inside. It's definitely one of our favorite WDW quick-service establishment:


Some shots of Dino-Rama:

We really dislike this area, yet we always take pictures of it:

It is quite photogenic:


  1. From what I can tell the Dinosaur ride is one of the biggest hidden rides at Disney. This ride seems to be on par with other E ticket rides, but seems to be overlooked a lot. Would like to see Disney bring it more to the forefront of Animal Kingdom. I believe this would help the attendance at this park.



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