Islands of Adventure: JP Games Update (PART 1)

While Universal Studios Florida has constantly been receiving new attractions, shows, and rides in the past two years, it seems like Islands of Adventure has been relatively quiet. Other than the new projectors installed in the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and the new train station, no major project is seemingly taking shape in the park. Or so we think... Strong rumors say that a major Jurassic Park expansion is planned to open in the park by the time the fourth Jurassic Park movie comes out (2015). Before moving on in that direction, though, Universal is said to be installing some new themed games in the rarely-used extended queue area for the Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride. We will check out that area later on in this same update. In the meantime, let's start:

Behold the beauty of the Port of Entry:

One of the signs on top of the Trading Company's building is being refurbished:

More photos of this beautiful land:

Heading toward Marvel's Superhero Island:

Still one of the best theme park rides on the planet:

Some work is being done on the ground in front of the comic shop:

Toon Lagoon:

It's truly a great-looking land. I would personally be sad if it was replaced in the future:

This is still one of the greatest family-friendly water rides ever created:

The new Cabana Bay Beach Resort can be seen from this side of the park:

Welcome to Jurassic Park:

Let's now check out the future location of the new Jurassic Park themed games:

This is the extended queue we were talking about at the beginning of this update:

Notice the red marks on the ground:

Nothing new to report here:


  1. I totally agree about Toon Lagoon. It's my favorite island there, because of my love for classic cartoons.


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