WDW: Possible D23 Expo Announcements (2013)

Our Anonymous Reader is back with some more exciting insider information about the possible announcements that may be made during this year's D23 Expo that will take place in California in August. Here is the entire comment he posted on our home page a few minutes ago (NOTE: The following are all RUMORS that may or may NOT happen, as plans can change at any time. Please, do NOT take these as done deals, as all will be officially revealed very soon by the Walt Disney World Resort):

It's me again...You know the one who posted the WDW entertainment news/rumors. Anyhow, quite a few juicy rumors have come up in the past few days and I'd like to clear some up and figured I'd post here since part of what I'm going to discuss involves a bigger presence of Tangled.

Now, as any Disney Fanboi would have marked on his/her calendar  the grandaddy of em all (D23 Expo) is rapidly approaching and that is when many exciting projects/announcements are made available to the general public be it the studios/P&R/etc. I'm just gonna focus on what you can expect to hear at D23 in regards to WDW. First, actual new projects will be announced at this event unlike the last one.

The park that will be in the spotlight the most will be DHS. Burbank issued the Studios a $500 million check earlier this year and what you will hear at D23 will be the following for DHS (Disney's Hollywood Studios):
  • Version of Cars Land coming to DHS in 2018 which will be located in the backlot area of the Streets of America. This Cars Land will be different then the one from DCA in that the E for this area will NOT be RSR or a clone of it. However, it will be an E-Ticket attraction of RSR quality. Also, expect to see this area in general have Radiator Springs themed to what it looked like in Cars 2. Everything else from the DCA Carsland except Luigi's will be present in this land.
  • More DHS news that will be announced at D23: Beauty and the Beast stage show will go bye bye and be home to a new musical stage show of The Princess and The Frog. Also the Little Mermaid stage show in the Animation Courtyard will be leaving and will be housed to the long rumored Tangled stage show. Me personally, I would like to see PATF be in TLM building and Tangled be where BATB is, but what can you do.
  • Expect to see the Sorcerer's Hat in front of the Great Movie ride to come down towards the latter end of this year (I'm hearing this November before Thanksgiving). This won't be announced at D23
  • Great Movie Ride's refurb has been scaled back and won't be as extensive as what's been thrown around there on the internet. Should be for three weeks sometime beginning next year with the only noticeable change coming to the Finale of the ride. Won't be announced at D23.
Now to DAK (Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park):
  • At D23, we will hear some more details on the "Avatar: James Cameron's World of Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park". We should get a confirmation that the E ticket for this area will be a flight simulator attraction titled "Flight of Passage" which will be similar to Soarin, BUT NOT IDENTICAL TO SOARIN' NOR SOARIN 2.0. Staggs/Vaughn also will probably talk about the C-Ticket coming to this area. They should have a decision by D23 as to whether go with the boat ride or the walk through attraction. There will be a merchandise shop at the exit of the E-Ticket and there will also be an Table Service restaurant where Rainforest cafe is located. Sadly, there will be no nighttime water show nor a nighttime parade as those got axed just recently. I can say that the AVATAR area at night will blow your minds away and will give folks a reason just to come to the AK in the evening.
  • They'll finally tell folks there that Festival of the Lion King will move to Africa in a new theater behind Tusker House to make room for this Avatar project even though we've known this for quite a while, just without a confirmation to the public from Disney.
  • There really won't be any huge MK and EPCOT news other than SDMT progress and Fairytale Hall progress much like you saw at Monstrous Summer press event.
One more thing that should be announced for WDW: DVC's are coming to the Polynesian Resort. If you want more information on this development visit: http://www.tikimanpages.com/tiki/news/222-dvc-starting-in-2013

Most of these rumors sound legit, but we are quite skeptical about one of them (not that we are doubting our Reader, of course. We are just making some personal considerations here). Our Reader said that the Cars Land clone would include a different ride, not a direct clone of Radiator Spring Racers, the popular dark-ride found in the California version of Cars Land. That would defeat the purpose of having a clone of the land, in our opinion, as it would not save a lot of money to Walt Disney World. Why not creating an entire new land at this point? Cars is not a really popular franchise. Star Wars is. Why would they choose Cars over that? Draw your conclusions.

A huge "Thank you!" to our Reader for sharing these very interesting rumors with us!

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