SeaWorld Update: -22 'till Antarctica Opens (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this new SeaWorld Orlando photo-report (PART 2 can be found here).

Time for a few more Antarctica photos from above:

We also include some miscellaneous pictures of the park seen from above:

Before exiting, we noticed some new items available for purchase at the store located at the entrance of the park:

Thank you very much as always for reading, and have a great rest of your day!


  1. Thanks for braving the rain for us! Appreciate it! Antarctica looks like a really nice addition to the park. From the outside looks like it could be in a Disney park. SeaWorld Orlando really is a beautiful park.

  2. Love your SeaWorld updates. My favorite place to go. Its my home away from home. So excited for this attraction. I will be there opening day for sure.

  3. Do U know where they moved the merchandise fro. The old shop in the Antarctica area? I had a lovely dolphin necklace from there and I've lost it :( really want a new one when I return In may. Gold dolphin with mother of pearl centre.


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