Disney Rumors: New Fireworks Show, One Less Parade

Just a few weeks ago, Disney's Hollywood Studios lost its daytime parade (Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun) without a replacement, and it looks like Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park may soon face the same issue. In fact, take a look at these very interesting rumors shared by one of our anonymous Readers:

"Since we're talking about AK, I'd figure I'll drop some entertainment news in here. I've just been informed by a source who's closely associated with the Entertainment Management department at WDW that Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade will be shut down and terminated by the end of this October. As you all are familiar, Eeyore is no longer greeting guests at AK anymore as the long line of eliminating characters there continues. In terms of Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade, expect this to only be shown on weekends during the holiday season with one performance each day.

[...] Slighest of slight possibility that Jingle Jungle comes out on holiday weekends. Again the big picture here is that TDO [Team Disney Orlando, the people behind most of the decisions made for the Walt Disney World parks]/George Kalogridis wants to allocate these financial resources toward Festival of Fantasy Day parade and Dreams come Alive fireworks spectacle for the MK. The other parks will have live/street entertainment similar to what New Fantasyland is offering. What I can say is that these new MK entertainment additions are going to be incredible and mind blowing."

But that's not all! In fact, that same Reader also said that a new fireworks show is being developed for the Magic Kingdom Park as we speak, despite multiple sources (like the highly-respected Martin on WDWMagic) stated that "Wishes" can still be considered "safe" for the time being. Here you are the complete rumor our Reader shared with us:

"Shifting towards MK entertainment, Festival of Fantasy from what I've been told will have 2 performances each day once it debuts until MSEP is ready to go after an extensive maintenance refurbishment of the floats. The [decorations] that hang over Main Street USA [during the holiday season] will have to be taken down or reconfigured due to the large height of these new floats (26 units to be exact). For MK fireworks, by holiday season/Thanksgiving of 2016 (MK's 45th anniversary), we will see a new fireworks spectacle take the high sky above Cinderella castle. Working blue sky title right now is "Dreams come Alive". Both of these projects will be headed by Steve Davison and his crew as he has stated on his facebook page periodically that he's dying to work some magic on a couple projects in WDW. So if you're complaining or upset about all the cutbacks in entertainment for the other parks (mainly DHS and AK), fear not as WDW/TDO are putting all their financial resources/marbles into these new MK projects and I guarantee you these new offerings will not disappoint. So long for now."

Well, that sounds really great. While losing yet another parade will not be a very positive event, we certainly look forward to a new fireworks show for the Magic Kingdom. In fact, it would be nice to see nightly perimeter fireworks (even though there is a good chance it may never happen...) or maybe introduce some new special effects to go along with the fireworks (without affecting the amount of pyrotechnic effects, of course).

A big "thank you!" to our Anonymous Reader for sharing these exciting rumors with us!


  1. So, now we can call "Walt Magic Kingdom World"...

  2. why is the jammin jungle parade being ousted? i think it's unfair that all of a sudden parade's are being taken away from the parks when Epcot, nor Hollywood studios have one, people enjoy watching them, and being a part of them too, rumor or not it's just not fair :(

  3. Agreed, Parks Need Parades

  4. I hope they don't take the parades away because the parades are fun to watch. I would be upset if they did.

  5. I LOVED the AK parade! It is perfect for the park and is really unique. :(

  6. Thanks for the mention :)

    I said Wishes was safe in the short term/ foreseeable. A replacement in 2016 is what I heard last year.

  7. It's an honor for me to speak with you, Martin (as everybody else, I absolutely LOVE your videos!).

    Regarding that, I understood what you were referring to. Like you said, Wishes will still be around for at least three years (if these rumors end up to be completely true, including the timeline), so it can be rightly considered safe for now. Great to hear a confirmation to this rumor from you!

    Thanks again for your response.

  8. Just curious... At almost 90 bucks a ticket and the amount of people that visit and merch that is bought daily... Why is it that we are needing cutbacks for financial resources? Im happy for MK but lets not let the others fall into what DCA was pre refurb

  9. Well, the only reason Jammin' Jungle was stopped is because of the extensive refurbishment going on in Animal Kingdom. So viewing of the parade would be more limited and was just easier to stop for the time being.


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